Buying a new or existing home for the first time, or have bought before,the most important part of the home-buying process is getting a professional home inspection

Just as a home buyer can order and receive a home inspection, a home seller can also order a home inspection to be done in exactly the same way as one for a buyer.

Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Katrina and all the other hurricanes of the recent decade were a major blow to the homeowners insurance industry.

Wind Mitigation ia a visional inspection roof and basic structure consisting of what building code was used to install the roof.

HousePRO Home Inspection Services

Professional, Certified Home Inspections in Brevard and Indian River Counties in Central Florida

If you are like most people, chances are you invested a great deal of time in the search for your new home. Whether as a family, a couple or as a single person, you have had a good idea all along of exactly what you wanted your dream home to look like, inside and out. But finding that home has probably been a long and arduous process, most likely taking months, sometimes even years and looking at countless homes, before finally finding THE home for you. Congratulations!

Now comes the time for the real investment, the investment of money and the many years of mortgage payments before your home is finally actually yours and you can celebrate all your hard work and investment of time and money in your home. As you already know, your home is probably going to be the largest single investment of money you will make in your lifetime.

So, now you have finally found your dream home, you've had it inspected or are getting ready to have it inspected, the mortgage is all set up and you are ready to sign that mortgage on the dotted line and take the keys to your brand new dream home.

Not so fast...

Who is Inspecting Your New Home Before You Buy It?

Who did you choose to do your home inspection? This will probably surprise you, but choosing the person that will be inspecting your new home before you buy it, is probably going to end up being one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Don't let your dream home turn into a nightmare! Make sure you have your home professionally inspected by HousePRO Home Inspection Services before you buy it, to make sure it is thoroughly inspected by a certified professional that truly cares about the quality of his inspections.

You can easily see how beautiful your home looks from the outside and on the inside. New landscaping, new flooring here, new paint there and that nice new door or countertop all make it look perfect. But the truth is that even a brand new home can have minor to serious problems that can cost you a staggering amount of money to fix in the future... after the damage has been done years later from undetected home construction problems that existed at the time of purchase.

Trust your home inspections to HousePro where our motto is, "Before you invest, let us inspect!" I have over 30 years of experience in the construction field serving as Project Coordinator, Construction Manager, Assistant Director of Facilities, Regional Director of Construction, and an Electrical Contractor. I am certified by the National Association for Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).

If you think we are exaggerating the importance of having your home inspected by a fully licensed, certified and highly qualified home inspector, please believe us, we are not. Home inspections are a very serious business before purchasing a new home. Horror stories abound all over, of people that have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, only to find major issues costing tens and possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. These stories happen almost every day.

In fact, there is now a reality television show that just deals with real home inspections. On a recent episode it featured a couple who had spent almost $300,000 on a new home after having it professionally inspected, only to find such serious structural damage shortly afterwards, that it was initially thought they would have to tear the entire home down and rebuild it. Luckily they were able to salvage their home, but only due to the expertise of the inspector and the contractors that took on the challenge.

This is of course a very extreme situation, but serious and almost as serious issues come up all the time after home purchases that were based on inadequate home inspections. At HousePRO Home Inspection Services, we do four main types of home inspections.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Brevard and Indian River

Our pre-purchase inspections are a complete, visual non-invasive inspection of the home, but not technically exhausting unless issues are found that need a further look. The roof, attic, exterior, foundation, doors and windows, floors, steps, plumbing system, electrical system, heating and A/C system will all be carefully inspected. Also the site will be inspected for proper drainage and any other issues. You will have your inspection report online within 24 hrs. and it will list the deficiencies noted during the inspection, pictures of any deficiencies found, and a recommendation on any needed repairs or further inspections needed.

Wind Mitigation Inspection in Brevard and Indian River Counties

Wind Mitigation is a visional inspection roof and basic structure consisting of what building code was used to install the roof covering, roof geometry, roof deck attachment, roof to wall attachment, gable bracing (when applicable), what building code was used to build the structure, wall construction type, whether it has a SWR (secondary water resistance), and opening protection. All openings must be protected by either shutters, high impact windows, and garage door approved by the state of Florida that is impact rated. This type and main reason for this inspection is for the benefit of the home owner to help lower their insurance costs. Most houses qualify for some discount but usually only the houses they have been built within the last few years will qualify for every discount. Without any these improvement the home owner will find his or her insurance extremely high.

Seller's Home Inspection on Florida's Space Coast

A pre-sale inspection is done to find out if there are any repairs needed prior to putting a home on the market. This inspection report can be made available to all potential home buyers and realtors. We will also install a sign in your front yard to let everyone know your house has been inspected and is "Move in Certified and Ready to Move in".

The are some major advantages to doing this, as follows:

4 Point Insurance Home Inspection in Brevard County and Indian River County

We provide fast and accurate 4 Point Insurance Inspection for the insurance industry in Brevard and Indian River Counties. Our 4 Point Insurance Inspections consist of a visual inspection of the condition of the roof, electrical, heating & A/C systems and the plumbing system.

HousePro Home Inspection Services is located in Palm Bay, FL and is owned and operated by OMR Holdings, Inc. We proudly serve Brevard and Indian River Counties and provide service to home buyers and sellers, investors, real estate attorneys, banks, insurance companies and work with several real estate offices.