About Us

HousePRO Inspection Services in Central Florida

Welcome to HousePro where our motto is "Before you invest let us inspect". HousePro Inspection Services is located in Palm Bay, FL and is owned and operated by OMR Holdings, Inc. We service Brevard and Indian River Counties and provide home inspections for buyers, sellers, investors, real estate attorneys, banks, insurance companies and work with several real estate offices.

Early in the 1970's we saw a new industry emerge within the real estate field as potential home buyers started to hire building contractors to perform an inspection on their intended home purchase. As the home inspection business grew the apparent knowledge necessary to provide an adequate evaluation of the homes systems and components was beyond the capabilities of most building contractors.

Slowly "Contractor's Inspections" were being replaced by "Home Inspections" as qualified home inspectors came to be looked upon as "experts" in the field in determining the overall condition of the home and it's components within.

Today the majority of homes sold are inspected by a qualified home inspector. As the public became more aware of the pitfalls of a buyer, buying a home without a home inspection and the presence of the internet many buyers went online to seek out a qualified home inspector on their own without going through a real estate agent. Even sellers today are starting to have a professional home inspection done prior to listing their property so if there are any major repairs they could fix them first. By disclosing the inspection report helps ease the minds of potential home buyers that the house is in good repair and at the same time the sellers can expect more for their property.

At the beginning real estate agents felt threatened by this industry because when major defects were found prior to closing they felt it would become a deal breaker for the sale. However, as time went on they began to realize the home inspections protected them and buyers and sellers alike in costly lawsuits arising from costly repairs or incorrect information given to the buyers at the time of the sale.

For most people the purchase of a house is a major investment and probably the biggest one you will make during your lifetime. A home inspection is small investment but the return can be much greater if we uncover any major repairs that may have been overlooked. Just replacing a complete heating and air conditioning system can cost upwards of $5000.00 to $6000.00 for the average home.

Our home inspections are competitively priced but your decision to have your home inspected should not be based solely on cost along. Talk to several inspectors and see if they are forth coming with information and appear to be knowledgeable in this area. After all the inspector is working for you and they should be looking out for your best interests and not anyone else's. The inspector should be able to provide a written copy of the inspection report that provides a detailed description of any discrepancies found, photos of what they are reporting to you, what action should be taken, and be able to answer any questions you have so you fully understand the issue. Equally important, make sure they are certified by a National Association (such as NACHI of ASHI) to do home inspections, licensed (such as state, city, or county including an occupational or business license when required) and insured with both liability and errors and omission insurance for your protection.

Training & Experience

I have over 30 years experience in the construction field serving in various capacities with several national chain stores. I have been a Project Coordinator, Construction Manager, Assistant Director of Facilities, Regional Director of Construction, and an Electrical Contractor for 5 of those years, working in the field and running the business, specializing in residential and commercial work, both new and existing structures.

Before taking on the responsibility of doing home inspection I completed additional courses specially designed for home inspectors with Nation Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI) a 200 hour course and passed the final exam. in addition, I Joined NACHI (National Association for Certified Home Inspectors, which required me to take their home inspection course and passing their test before being accepted. Each inspector is also required to take additional courses throughout the year to keep their certification current and keep up on the latest information and technology available in the home inspection field.

Promise To Our Clients

At HousePro Inspection Services we work for you, our client. We are professional at what we do and report only the 'visual condition' of your house and on all the major systems and components. We also provide colored pictures to identify issues or items of concern to give you a better understanding of what we are reporting. Our reporting software by Homegauge is the premium in the industry and is customized for your home and not some generic software off the shelve. The report is available to you within 24 - 36 hours of the inspection and is up loaded to a website where you will be able to review it. We provide you with an access code and so you can download the report from any computer, which has internet access. Only you have access to the report unless you authorized HousePro to give a copy to another party(s) of your choice. We guarantee by putting your trust in HousePro you will be 100% satisfied with our home inspection service and ease of understand the narrative report and summary we provide. If, at any time, we don't full fill your needs or meet your expectations, please let us know and we will make every effort to make it right or refund your money 100%.


During your lifetime most people dream or want to experience owning their own home. We want to help for fill your dreams and are committed to provide an accurate and truthful inspection report that will enable you to make good decisions in the negotiating and purchase of your home. During the inspection process we will answer any questions you have, explain the operation of the major systems and there components, important aspects of your home's maintenance, or anything you need to make your dream come true.

Who We Inspect For

Our goal is to provide a through and professional visual inspection of your house as viewed from a 3rd party (trained inspector) having no financial gain in the purchase or selling of the property. The inspection report is used to document and report on the condition of your home, including the major systems and components within, and clearly identifying any discrepancies found backed up with pictures of our findings and recommendations. We use software from Homegauge (a leader in software inspection reporting) to create our inspection report, which is delivered and uploaded to a website within 24-36 hours upon completion. Only the client we contract with is given access rights to the website so they can review and download the report at their convenience and use the information for the purpose it was intended for. Access to the website is not given to anyone else unless the client has given authorization to HousePro Inspection Services to do so. Below is a list clients we can or have provided service to:

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors: