Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections in Florida

When will I get a copy of the inspection report?
The inspection report will be delivered to within 24 - 36 hours after completion of the inspection. The inspection report is web based and can be downloaded from any computer . This is usually done once any remaining balance if any has been paid. At that time HousePro will give you an access code via E-mail so you can access, review , and download the report. The report is a narrative of our findings followed by a summary

Who will get a copy of the report?
The report will be given to you our client unless we have been authorized by you to give someone else a copy.

How does a home inspection compare to an appraisal?
A home inspection is a non invasion visual inspection of the major systems of your house for the sole purpose of determining the general condition and note and deficiencies found.. On the other hand an appraiser is to evaluate the market value of your home, which is generally required when one has applied for a mortgage on the property. The bank uses the appraisal to determine the value of the house and how much money the buyers will be able to borrow.

If I am the seller do I need to get an home inspection done?
No, but it can be to your benefit to have your home pre-inspected prior to putting your house on the market. Showing the potential buyers your home has been inspected puts their mind more at rest knowing any repairs identified during the inspection process have been completed.

How long does the home inspection take?
The typical home inspection usually takes 2 1/2 - 3 hours. However, the size and number of problems encounter has the greatest impact on how long it will take. Generally speaking houses over 2,000 sq ft will take 3 hours or better to inspect.

How much will a home inspection cost?
It will depend on the inspector you choose. Some will charge you travel depending on where they are coming from but on average you can expect to pay $250-$350 for a typical 2000 sq ft home.