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HousePRO Sellers Home Inspection Services in Florida

Sellers Home Inspections - Serving Melbourne, Palm Bay, Brevard and Indian River Counties

Just as a home buyer can order and receive a home inspection, a home seller can also order a home inspection to be done in exactly the same way as one for a buyer. There are lot of advantages to having your home inspected before putting it on the market for sale, the biggest of which is the peace of mind if your inspection comes up with no major issues. However, the other major advantage is that you will be able to get top market dollar in this depressed home market, for a home that has been professionally inspected and is certified to have no major problems.

What If The Inspection Shows Problems?

Ironically, this can actually be a good thing, because you are not caught off guard or by surprise at closing with some sort of repair. You can either fix the problem yourself to show that it has been fixed then ask for a fair price for the home in your negotiations, or just lower the price a bit to cover it. If you can afford to make the repairs, you are in a position to have some control of the price and cost you get back, instead of having to quickly work something out after being blindsided by an unexpected repair at closing.

"Move in Certified and Ready to Move In"

With a Sellers Home Inspection, you will receive a sign to place in your front yard proudly displaying to buyers and realtors alike that your home is, "Move in Certified and Ready to Move in". This is a huge advantage when trying to sell a home. Most people do not want to deal with repairs after making a move and are looking for a home that is in move-in condition. This tells potential buyers that your home is ready for them to move right into. It also avoids any last minute, eleventh hour snags at closing due to repair issues. In addition we will provide and leave on site 12 copies of the actual inspection report along with pictures for potential customers to review when your home is being shown.

So call us today and schedule your sellers home inspection at your convenience. You are free to walk through the entire inspection process as we do it and ask questions or advice on any repairs we find that are needed.

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