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Tips for home owners who are about to install a new roof

Having a wind mitigation inspection done for most people help keep the cost of there home owners insurance down. The inspections take about 1 half hour to 45 minutes to do. Basically, it is a visual inspection on how the roof is attached to the wall of the house, whether your house is frame or CMU, if you have shutters they have product approval by the state of Florida and in some cases in south Florida Miami/Dade County approval, when the roof was installed, and what building code was used to built the house. For the inspector it is a little more involved.

They need to show proof of when the roof was installed that determines what building code was used to put the roof on. Proof the shutters are approved in most cases the shutters will have a stamp on them showing they have product approval by the state of Florida. Does the roof have a SWR (secondary water resistance barrie installed). This is something the insurance companies want a picture of and since it's under the shingles it cannot be confirmed as to have been installed. They also want to confirm was size nails were used to secure the roof decking to the trusses, nail spacing, and thickness of the roof deck.

If you are about to or thinking about installing a new roof you should do the following:

  1. Maker sure the roofer is knowlegable in his or her trade
  2. How long have they been in busy.
  3. Reference by someone who has had a roof installed by the company you are considering.
  4. Get several estimates and compare apples for apples.
  5. If you don't understand then ask.
  6. Make sure they pull a permit and you get a copy of it before you pay them.
  7. Get a release of lien from the roofer and there supplier. The suppliers release of lien sure be a final and not conditional. Getting a release of lien from the supplier showing he has been paid in full is very important. If not there is no guarantee he will pay the supplier after you pay the roofer and you may be on the hook for any outstanding balance.
  8. The contract you sign with the roofer should list everything he is to do, such as installed an SWR under the shingles, renailing the roof, size nails being used, warranty, proof the roof, shutters, and skylights have product approval, and pictures of all work as it progresses. That includes pictures of the nailing pattern showing the distance between nails, size of nails being used, the SWR being installed. All should be digital colored pictures on a disc you can keep.

Having this information protects you as a home owner and makes getting the most credits for your wind mitigation inspection. If you have any questions call our office at 321-676-0836 and we will do our best to answer them.