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HousePRO Home Inspection Services in Florida

Wind Mitigation Inspection in Brevard and Indian River Counties

Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Katrina and all the other hurricanes of the recent decade were a major blow to the homeowners insurance industry in Florida and all over the south and east coast. It forced them to make massive payouts in damages to homeowners, almost to the point of bankrupting some of them.

However, they were also a wake-up call for these companies to try and lower their exposure by documenting the condition of various vital parts of the home before a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes.

Wind Mitigation is a visional inspection roof and basic structure consisting of what building code was used to install the roof covering, roof geometry, roof deck attachment, roof to wall attachment, gable bracing (when applicable), what building code was used to build the structure, wall construction type, whether it has a SWR (secondary water resistance), and opening protection. All openings must be protected by either shutters, high impact windows, and garage door approved by the state of Florida that is impact rated. This type and main reason for this inspection is for the benefit of the home owner to help lower their insurance costs. Most houses qualify for some discount but usually only the houses they have been built within the last few years will qualify for every discount. Without any these improvement the home owner will find his or her insurance extremely high.

HousePRO Home Inspection Services is located in Palm Bay, FL and is owned and operated by OMR Holdings, Inc. We proudly serve the Melbourne area, Brevard and Indian River Counties and provide service to home buyers and sellers, investors, real estate attorneys, banks, insurance companies and work with several real estate offices.

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